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Emergency Information for Staff

22 hours ago

Click on the appropriate link below.  After opening the link, you can make it a favorite or bookmark. You can also Drag the small icon that is located just in front of the URL address to your desktop. You many want to do this  in/on additional devices you might use, such as desktops, laptops,phones, etc.

If you have any trouble and need any assistance, please contact a techie person on your campus or
The “live area” you can view after you have filled out the form. 

DDB Tracking form (do not edit)

CCS Tracking form (do not edit)

MVP Tracking form (do not edit)

OCS Tracking form (do not edit)

DO Tracking form (do not edit)

The school and officials will monitor this site
                                                                                         for  up to date info.  You can make comments
                                                                                         here for all  to see.

Alexandria Library

about 1 year ago

Online School Library Software

We are excited to offer Alexandria Library Software Resources to our Students, Parents and Staff from any Internet connected computer. Contact your school library if you have questions.

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Cottonwood Middle School

Dr. Daniel Bright School

Oak Creek School

Mountain View Preparatory

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