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Flu Prevention
Flu Prevention the Best Defence

Flu Prevention Precautions (December 1st – March 31st)

Annually during flu season which starts December 1st and ends March 31st the following precautions can be used at home and at school to help prevent flu outbreaks.
Everyone should practice good hand washing hygiene. Wash well and often.
Wash hands before every meal and after using the restroom.
Keep hands out of mouth and eyes.
Frequently touched surfaces and items should be cleaned with disinfectant including playthings, door handles and tabletops.
Don’t cough or sneeze into your hand, instead cough or sneeze into tissue or inner elbow.
If your child is ill, has a fever, coughing or nausea have them stay home to recover. Return to school 24 hours after symptoms clear.
If your child develops symptoms while at school we will call you to pick them up so they can recover at home in your care. This is for the wellbeing of your child and the protection of others at school, Please pick them up right away.

With your help we can keep your home and our schools healthy.

Bob Clark BSN, RN
District Nurse