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Superintendent Message

Preparing Students for the 21st Century

Through Tradition, Experience and Opportunities 


Students will be provided the tools necessary to develop the highest possible level of achievement and encouraged to be lifelong learners through:

·       Partnership with family and community

·       Highest level of staff training

·       Excellent facilities

·       Embracing cultural diversity

·       Providing a wide range of learning methods and experiences in a safe environment

Partnership with Family and Community         

Since 1954, Cottonwood Oak-Creek School District (COCSD) has had a rich history of partnership in educating the children of our community. In 2009, the community again passed an override election that helps supplement core classes which support smaller class size, music, physical education, technology, middle school athletic programs, alternative education programs and extra-curricular activities. We thank the community for their continued generous support!

Highest Level of Staff Training

COCSD provides an experienced and well-trained staff to teach the 2,200 children of our community. Teachers are involved in on-going training aligned to the Governing Board’s academic and structural goals (Blueprint for Student Achievement) and state and federal requirements. Training is provided by experts in the field, universities and colleges, Arizona Department of Education and on-site educators.

Excellent Facilities

Some of our buildings date back to 1923. However, inside the walls of our buildings you will find the classrooms are well-maintained, clean and supplied with the latest technology. Outside you will find spectacular grounds that serve our students and our community. Our classrooms are designed to enhance teaching, learning and provide students with opportunities to be independent learners, researchers and communicators of that knowledge.

Embracing Cultural Diversity

COCSD embraces the diversity of our district. We recognize that each person holds a unique and special place in our education family. Each contributes a necessary component and perspective; adding to the collective knowledge.

Providing a Wide Range of Learning Methods and Experiences in a Safe Environment

We have four in-town schools servicing K-8 students. Dr. Daniel Bright School serves kindergarten through second grade. Cottonwood Elementary School serves third through fifth grade and Cottonwood Middle School serves sixth through eighth grade. Oak Creek Elementary is a country K-8 school serving the community of Cornville. 

We are proud to have opened two new educational opportunities for our students’ education. Mountain View Preparatory (MVP) is a candidate International Baccalaureate School serving children in grades K-6. MVP will grow to the next grade level with the future plans of serving kindergarten through twelfth grade. COCSD has also opened Arizona iZone; a state approved K-12 online school where credits are honored at colleges and the military.  

Students are provided with the knowledge of basic skills, the capability to apply higher-order thinking, the understanding of civic responsibility and the ability to engage in a wide range of opportunities to explore their creative side. All schools offer multiple extra-curricular activities and top-ranked sports programs.

COCSD prides itself on providing safe and orderly school environments. Each school provides Character Education and the middle school provides the Safe School Ambassadors® [SSA] program. SSA® empowers leaders from the diverse groups and cliques on campus and equips them with nonviolent intervention and communication skills to stop bullying and violence among their peers. 

Amazing Possibilities: It Takes a Community

I am proud to be the superintendent of a district who educates children for the 21st century through tradition, experience and provides multiple opportunities for learning and exploring.  We are proud to continue the tradition of working closely with our community; building students to be the problem-solvers and leaders of tomorrow.

By Barbara U'Ren

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