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Our Plans for a Safe Return to School

Cottonwood Online Institute

  • Begins August 5, 2020 
  • Kindergarten-Grade 8 
  • 5 Full days per week 
  • Internet connection required (may be able to be checked out at Public Library or school if needed)
  • District Devices Provided if needed
  • Live teacher-led instruction and asynchronous learning 
  • Class meeting, small groups, and 1-to-1 support 
  • COCSD Teachers and curriculum 
  • Social-emotional support 
  • Accommodations and support services provided 
  • Specials and electives 
  • Online extracurricular activities and events 
  • Option to stay online even after the Governor lifts the closure order. See below to register after July 21st

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In-Person Learning

  • Begins upon the lifting of Governor Ducey's Executive Orders
  • Preschool-Grade 8 
  • 5 Full Days per week 
  • Preventive safety measures 
  • Student cohorts and teams
  • COCSD teachers and curriculum 
  • Instruction in core content 
  • Social-emotional support 
  • Specials and electives 
  • Accommodations and support services 
  • Recess breaks 
  • Breakfast and lunch in class 
  • Modified extracurricular activities and events 
  • Modified Athletic Schedule

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