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Welcome to the Cottonwood Oak Creek School District Student Support Services Department webpage. Our department is responsible for providing students with exceptional abilities or disabilities the appropriate services to meet their learning needs. Our District promotes inclusive practices in our schools to ensure students with disabilities have full access to the general curriculum in the least restrictive environment. We provide a continuum of service options to ensure each eligible student receives a free and appropriate education. Every student is an integral member of the school community and is encouraged to be a full participant in the school community.
Student Support Services Office Staff
District Office Phone Number:

Dr. Trish Alley, Director
Extension: 1124

Kathleen Hutchison, Administrative Assistant
Extension: 1124

Deborah Etgen, IEPCoordinator Assistant
Extension: 1129

Special Education Records Request
For Special Education Records, please send a request to:

Deborah Etgen, IEP Coordinator Assistant
Phone: 928-634-2288 Ext: 1129
Fax: 928-649-0045 or