Information Technology Services

4 months ago

The Cottonwood-Oak Creek School District consists of six local area networks called LANs making up one wide-area network, or WAN.  Classroom technology is centered on the Apple Macintosh platform while our Administrative computing platform is based on Microsoft Windows XP systems. The network is linked through fiber optics and high-speed communications lines. Internet Services are provided through Qwest.

Our main location at One North Willard Street, consists of the District Offices, Cottonwood Elementary(K-5) and Middle (6-8) Schools. Dr. Daniel Bright (K-5) Campus lies approximately three miles to the south. Cornville School (K-8) is about 10 miles east. Mountain View Preparatory is about five miles to the south.

  • Greg Epperson - Server Manager
  • Milfred Tewawina - Technical Support Services
  • Brian Lewis - Technical Support Services
  • Randall Stone - Network Support Manager
  • Kathy Epperson - Technology Integration Coach & IT Director

By Kathy Epperson